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Security at ServerMascot E-Store

We realize that internet is an insecure medium and credit card fraud is on the rise. Hence at ServerMascot we spend considerable amount of time and money to ensure that you the customer have a secure system to transact with.

128 bit enterprise class encryption

All forms especially where we collect user data and credit card information is encrypted end-to-end that makes it impossible for intrusion during your visit at ServerMascot E-store.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Our systems are weekly audited for PCI ( Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards ) compliance and is certified to be used for ecommerce by the apex body for such certifications, PCI-DSS a consortium of top security solutions companies of the world.

Secure Firewalls

Our servers run behind secure firewalls and audited at real time for any security vulnerabilities

Anti-Spam Systems

Our email systems are anti-spam and anti-malware scanned at real-time with zero day vulnerabilities addressed as and when it is released.

NDA and Non-Compete signed Staff

We understand that a security program is incomplete without people involved. Hence all our staff has signed NDAs and IP protection agreements to ensure all your proprietary data is stored in safe hands.

Secure System Binaries

The servers where we run our webstore are always updated with the latest security patches and our security team (Hawk-Eye Pros) is on vigil and monitors all security advisories of apps that we use. Everything is updated and audited on a need basis.

Fraud Check

We use enterprise grade real time fraud check to keep the attackers at bay and suspicious trasactions are always manually verified and approved.

Secure Data Islands

The data you hand over to us comes to us through a secure channel and is stored in the final system which is non internet connected and firewalled. There are no internet facing services that could help an attacker gain data through accessing those systems.

With all the necessary steps taken in a holistic fashion we ensure that YOU, the most special person in our business is SECURE AND SAFE.