Templates of Best Email Newsletter Web Hosting Sun

Your electronic newsletter needs a template that effectively disseminates information about your brand. The templates are perfect because you can use them for every newsletter you send, and they always have the same color and design, so your newsletter will stand out and be easy to recognize.

With the newsletter template you can add your logo, colors, content and links. Leave the layout intact every time you send your newsletter, so your subscribers know what to expect from you. The only exceptions are when you send a special e-mail for marketing purposes, when you want to inform your subscribers about an epic sale or news you would like to hear. You also have to stick to your model.

Templates of Best Email Newsletter Web Hosting Sun

How to choose the best template for an electronic newsletter

The choice of a model depends on what you want to record and how you want it to look. If you just send a link to your new blog on your website, you’ll need a fairly simple template. They should also include information about your company, your logo, updates on products or services, links to social networks and possibly a message from the CEO. It’s up to you to decide what should and shouldn’t be enabled, but you need a list of what you want in your mailing list so you can remember it when you choose a template.


Choose a template that contains a color scheme that matches your brand. Some templates allow you to change the color scheme yourself. Check the description to see if you can change the color scheme before downloading.

Select a template with spaces. It makes it easier for your readers to read.

Try a unique layout. Don’t be afraid to stand out from other mailings! Almost all of them have a left to right division from top to bottom, but sometimes something else is refreshing.

Use a custom header for your newsletter. You can make it yourself or hire a freelance graphic designer to design it for you. With a custom header you can mark your newsletter as your own.

Use the symbols for each title. This is an excellent way to draw attention to the title and organize the layout. Add a little fun with the hand-painted icons.

Use colour filters for all your images so that they fit better into your design.

Make clear and easy to see calls to action (CTA) for each title, whether you want your reader to click on it to learn more about your blog, or click on it to shop.

Use alternating header colors to split the content of your newsletter.

Use handwritten fonts in certain places to draw attention to a specific point in your newsletter. It attracts the reader’s attention because it is very different from traditional fonts.

Don’t worry about the length. Save it as a short or long version of the newsletter. It all depends on your brand and what it is. Have a CTA or 10. Different sizes are welcome.

With the help of GIF, try to express something in your electronic newsletter, show examples or just create something beautiful for the reader.

Don’t be afraid to use strong, bright colours if they match your brand.

Use the photo as a background for your newsletter instead of a colour or monochrome design.

Add a section where your readers can listen, for example, a section where we see what our readers are saying, where you show cries on social networks.

Number the sections in your electronic newsletter. Everyone likes the right size of the list.

Add images, screenshots and infographics for a pleasant visual experience. Keep it simple.

Make your head by clicking on it. Use them to promote something new in your company. Don’t just add a link somewhere in the mailing list. Make the image easier with a single mouse click.

Templates of Best Email Newsletter Web Hosting Sun

Where to get an example of a newsletter

It’s time to look for a template for your e-newsletter! Get one who responds (i.e. it automatically adapts to your phone when someone reads your newsletter on his or her phone). You will find good shops (free or for a fee):

Forest Theme

Theme Forest offers nearly 3,000 email templates to choose from, and prices start at $3 per template. Use the search filters on the left side of the screen to find exactly what you are looking for.


The EmailToolTester offers over 700 free email newsletter templates and everyone responds to them. You need to browse the list to find the one that fits your brand.


Econsultancy has a list of 12 websites where you can get templates by e-mail. Some are linked to the company’s post-marketing department, so keep an eye on them.

Check with your email marketing service provider for templates. These are the best email marketing companies you can use for your campaigns.

Templates of Best Email Newsletter Web Hosting Sun

Cover kit

ConvertKit is an incredible mail marketing service provider. You can easily create your own electronic newsletter.

Templates of Best Email Newsletter Web Hosting Sun

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